Beviin Selva

Mandalorian Freedom Fighter


Early Years

Beviin comes from a long line of Mando’ade, despite the fact that his species is Nagai. In an ancient war, the Mandalorian conquerors tried their hand against the Nagai. Though the Mandalorians eventually retreated, they did succeed in taking some colonies from the Nagai. Also, in true Mando fashion, the took certain battlefield adoptees, Beviin’s ancestor among them.

Beviin and his sister, Thyna, were raised by their father, Wyn, on Concord Dawn. Beviin’s mother, Lywiin, passed into the great Manda when he was very young.

The Mandalorian Civil War

For the most part, Concord Dawn was left out of the Mandalorian Civil War. The rise of the New Mandalorians and the fall of Jaster Mereel did prove a trying time in the Selva Clan though. Wyn Selva left for Mandalore, taking up arms alongside Mand’alor and the True Mandalorians against the Death Watch. Wyn would die on Galidraan, killed by the Jedi Dooku.

The young Beviin and Thyna would be raised by their neighbors until they could run the family farm themselves.

The Mandalorian Protectors

When Mandalore the Resurrector and Fenn Shysa rebuilt the True Mandalorians under the name The Mandalorian Protectors, Beviin and Thyna would leave Concord Dawn for Mandalore to join the cause. Together they would participate in many battles with the Seperatists during the Clone Wars.

During this time the BL-series droid, Sonar, was assigned to Beviin’s squad. The two would work together closely for many years.

Norval II

Beviin and Thyna would participate in the Mandalorian blitzkrieg up till and including Norval II. There the Mandalorians were ordered by Seperatist leaders to capture Padme Admidala. Instead they were ambushed by Republic Commandos. Mand’alor, Shysa, Tobi Dala, Sonar, and Beviin were the only survivors. Thyna was struck down by the Jedi leading the Commandos.

With the majority of the Mandalorian Protectors now dead, and Spar (Mandalore the Resurrector) retreating into despair, Bevvin would find his own way of coping with his loss.


Setting out with Sonar, Beviin would find work wherever he could. Bounty Hunter, assassin, even bodyguard. His name would become know with the uprising of Jarkiss.

Jarkiss is a backwater world in the Mid-rim know for nothing important. With no real strategic value, it mostly sat aside during the Clone Wars, though it did throw it’s support in with the Seperatists. Beviin had fought alongside a squad of Jarkians during the Clone Wars and found them to be honorable warriors, if a little backward in technological advancement. So, when he set out on his long sojourn, Jarkiss was one of his first destinations.

The Empire had made a public face of forgiveness towards the Seperatist worlds. Beviin saw otherwise on Jarkiss. The Empire had garrisoned a world of no great importance, and enslaved the reptilian Jarkians. Beviin found the old squad mounting a rebellion against the Empire as best they could. A losing battle, to be sure.

Unable to bring anything of real worth to the fight, Beviin did support the Jarkians the best he could. Planning and executing a raid on the capitals spaceport, the rebels, Sonar, and Beviin were able to free many of the enslaved. Taking the families of those that stayed behind to fight, Beviin and Sonar ran the Imperial blockade and brought the freed Jarkians to an outlying colony. Saving some, leaving others to continue their fight without having to worry about endangering their families.

A Parting

Not long after Jarkiss, Beviin and Sonar found themselves within the Colonies, making a smuggling run to Hok. Unfortunately, word had spread of their escape from Jarkiss, and Bevvin’s ship, the Essex, was identified by the Imperial forces stationed there.

Running the ship to ground on Hok’s darkside, Beviin fled on foot while the ever dutiful Sonar insisted on leading the Imperials away. The last Beviin saw of Sonar was the Essex passing over the horizon followed by a squadron of Tie fighters.

House Organa

Beviin was able to find passage off of Hok aboard a tramp freighter heading for Alderaan. From there, he thought, he should be able to find transport to almost anywhere.

Shortly after arriving he noticed he was being followed. Having finally secured passage off world, he was arrested before boarding the ship.

Beviin was held without questioning for hours before the arrival of Senator Bail Organa. It seems word had reached Oragana of Beviin’s exploits. As such, he was offered a job.

Organa needed sensitive information delivered in person to a group of resistance fighters on Balosar.

The information of course, was useless. But this mission, and the few that followed it, tested Beviin’s worth and his possible loyalty. It was decided that, though Beviin would never truly be loyal to House Organa, his hatred of the Empire could be utilized in many ways and he was recruited into the House Guard.


Over the next year Beviin would train House Guards in the Mandalorian martial skills while performing missions for Organa. Eventually Organa would recruit Beviin for a most sensitive post, to guard his daughter Leia.

Beviin would spend two years trying to keep the girl and her droid out of harm’s way. During the time her spent with her, Beviin taught Leia mando’a.

Mandalorian Resistance

Beviin received word that the Empire had occupied Mandalore. Fenn Shysa, now Mand’alor, had rebuilt the Mandalorian Protectors to resist the Imperial occupation.

Bidding farewell to the Organas, Beviin headed home to find his world in shambles. The Empire had, with the help of a revived Death Watch, enslaved the majority of Mandalorians on Mandalore and was using them to mine Beskar.

But, to his happy surprise, Beviin was reunited with Sonar who had returned to Mandalore after escaping the Imperials on Hok.

Beviin would fight alongside Fenn Shysa against the Empire. He also told Shysa of Organa’s true nature, his secret hatred of the Empire. Shysa would send Beviin away from Mandalore, to help Organa to form his galaxy wide rebellion in the hopes that it would turn the Empire’s attention away from Mandalore.

The Empire attacked during Beviin’s escape from Mandalore. As he reached the Essex, Beviin was struck by a blast from a speeder mounted cannon. Sonar dragged the injured Beviin onto the Essex and flew the ship out of Mandalore’s atmosphere.

In space the Essex was cut off by a Victory class Star Destroyer. Sonar was able to make the jump to hyperspace, but not without taking significant damage to the ship and himself.


Beviin was able to take over for the disabled Sonar and fly the failing ship as far as Taris. The Essex failed in the outer reaches of the system. Beviin was forced to jettison the main engine before it overloaded. A shuttle picked up the two and brought them to the planet.

Beviin’s armor had absorbed most of the impact from the cannon but was now useless, the Essex was a floating husk waiting for scavengers, and Sonar’s main processor was fried beyond repair. Beviin was able to sell the ship to a scavenger company and Sonar to a droid shop, though he did keep the droid’s memory core. With the credits he made from that he was able to purchase passage to Alderaan.

Once he was back on Alderaan, Beviin delivered Shysa’s message to Organa. If Organa was to form a resistance the Mandalorians would back him.

Organa sent Beviin on a number of missions, keeping him far away from Alderaan until finally a recorded message was delivered and Beviin was sent to Sel-Zon station.

Beviin Selva

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